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Wedding of the Year!

Michael and Sophie invited a select band of guests from Australia, United States, Germany, Holland and Wales plus local family to celebrate the first wedding held at Hilltop Farm.
On the best day of the month of June, they travelled with a coach and four (specially provided by a supporter in Durham) to and from Welbourn church. Accommodation was provided in Hilltop Barn and Hilltop Cottage plus the main house. In addition some of our Dutch friends set up camp in the field and enjoyed a very long weekend from dawn to dusk celebrating.

A marquee was erected by Element Events of Grantham together with a dance floor in the open. Additionally, a piano was moved on site for a talented pianist to give a wonderful atmosphere. Much of the wedding catering was done on site by Salted Orange catering, a farm based company nearby, but the kitchen at Hilltop Barn was used by our German visitors to provide food for the weekend for the substantial group who stayed over.

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Published by charles at July 03, 2024, 10:24 am

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