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The Lincolnshire Show

The Lincolnshire Show has been running for more than 150 years and retains its strong focus on rural and agricultural exhibits as well as quality retail stands, so you can bring something home with you that is really worth having. It is a lovely day out, so if you are staying here then you should schedule at least one of the two days into your plans.

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, as we now know it, was formed way back in 1869. It is a charity and distributes its profits to local worthy causes.
Before the Show settled at the Showground, it travelled the county stopping at the towns of Scunthorpe, Bourne, Skegness, Brocklesby, Louth and others. The 76th Show in 1959 was the first at the current Lincolnshire Showground, which after much debate was deemed perfect with amply space for stands, a Members enclosure and a separate public and stock entrances warranting the entrance price to double to 10 shillings. The price has not changed much in recent years and you can still book an advance ticket for £23, which is excellent value.

The first Show in 1869 ran with 13 Stewards, and now we rely on a team of 200. They can be easily spotted at the Show; the men wear bowler hats and the ladies wear straw hats.


Published by charles at June 12, 2023, 13:13 pm

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