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The Grantham Canal

The Grantham canal is slowly being restored for navigation along its 33 mile length to Nottingham. Built over a remarkable four year period in the heyday of canal building in the late 18th century, it prospered as a commercial waterway for over 50 years before the railway started to take over. Whilst only a short length is currently navigable, trips by boat are available. It provides a lovely day out for walks or cycling, with the tow path and part of the adjacent old railway being open over much of the length. It is a ribbon of nature reserve in the open agricultural landscape. Thirty minutes drive from Hilltop Farm and a great pub, The Dirty Duck (also known as the Rutland Alms) for a lunch stop. n nDefinitely worth putting in your diary on your next Lincolnshire holiday at all times of the year. n n[www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk](http://www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk)


Published by admin at December 02, 2020, 12:31 pm

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