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The Good Newsletter for January 2017

Lincolnshire’s status as the wildlife centre of England has been enhanced this week with the arrival of a rare visitor from the Arctic. The photo is of a White Billed Diver. This is probably the second record for this species in the county. Seen occasionally in Shetland and the far north these birds breed in the Arctic and spend a lot of time fishing under water so you have to be quick to take the photo. We had a four mile walk along the River Witham’s cycle track to find this one.nnWith a rare break from visitors for a few days last week we were able to get the decoration up to scratch in Hilltop Barn. We like to keep both properties bright and fresh at all times and do not allow them to get ‘tired’ before we work on them. Further improvements this spring will include new curtains in the cottage and improved lighting.nnWe are speeding up! Fibre broadband will be available in both properties from this week. It is of course free and will be a noticeable improvement to those who like to stream films.


Published by admin at January 30, 2017, 18:02 pm

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