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Summer Wildlife Notes from the Farm

**Wildlife Notes** n n The Grey Partridges in the photo above are part of a covey of 12 in the meadow around Hilltop Barn. There are several more around the neighbourhood and it seems that they have had a successful year with the hot spells in June and July being to their liking.nnHedgehogs are making a come-back, with adults and young now present again.nnBoth Roe Deer and Muntjac are regular visitors to the barn area. We caught both species together on our camera recently.nnGoldfinch continue to be the most successful of our finches and can currently be seen in a flock of up to 200 feeding on the wildflower seeds. The areas of unharvested barley, which were planted as part of a stewardship scheme, will continue to provide cover and food throughout the winter and maintain this area as an excellent reserve in the agricultural landscape.


Published by admin at September 01, 2017, 07:38 am

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