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Stormcocks or Mistle Thrushes?

Have you heard of a Storm Cock? This is a local name for the Mistle Thrush, which was used widely in Lincolnshire before bird books started to standardise names over the past 50 years. It is very appropriate. As soon as the year turns, even in stormy weather, the male thrush will sing out from the top of a favourite tree to mark his territory. The Mistle Thrush is one of the earliest nesters and will often attempt a first brood before the leaves break on the trees. They like to conceal their nests in ivy usually several metres high in a tree. But sometimes they bizarrely choose a very exposed position. This one has used for nest support one of the poles from our tree house in an ash tree near the cottage. Amazingly it warded off the predators and raised five young!


Published by admin at February 03, 2018, 15:33 pm

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