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Ice Jewel

There will be plenty of challenges in 2021 no doubt, but we hope you have lots of success in handling them. Here at Hilltop Farm we have got even more familiar with the local countryside over the past year. Always keen on the biodiversity we have been recording it as always as we have spent much more time locally over recent months. There is no doubt that we are very privileged to be living in the Lincolnshire countryside and it will be wonderful to be able to share it with you when you can join us. We expect to be available from Easter if all goes well.nn[www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk](http://www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk/)nnLincolnshire is a big county, with huge variety. No matter how often you venture out there is always something new and interesting to discover. You will also find that we have managed to squeeze in some extra redecoration of Hilltop Barn in December so it will be pristine for your next visit, hopefully in 2021.nnIt seems that 2019 was the year of Brexit, 2020 the year of Covid, and 2021 must surely be the year of World action on Climate Change. Our barn and cottage are warm and cosy and well insulated. The energy we do use is offset by tree planting and natural regeneration projects, both in tropical areas through the World Land Trust and on our own farm. On this basis we have become carbon neutral but we are looking at longer term ways of becoming more self sufficient in the energy we need to use.nnWe hope that you will do what you can in your own circumstances and perhaps we can compare notes when you take your next UK holiday.nnFor availability- there is plenty at the moment as you can imagine – you can book securely and at the best price on:nn[www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk](http://www.hilltopfarmholidays.co.uk/)


Published by admin at January 03, 2021, 12:32 pm

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