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Fruitful times ahead at Hilltop Farm!

Blooming good news at Hilltop Farm. The flowering season for the apples, pears, cherries and plums which started in good time this year has been extended by a timely cold week. However, the breeze on the cliff top has kept any serious frost at bay and it could be a bumper harvest. The trees are pruned each winter and the quality of the fruit from the twenty odd varieties is worth a taste. Guests in September and October have the best choice but from mid August onwards we can provide fresh fruit to the barn and cottage.nnThe past few days has seen a steady flow bird migrants onto the farm and lots of activity by the residents which are now actively nest building. Young foxes are now out of their earths and starting to move about. A recent coloniser is the Red Kite which bred nearby for the first time in 2016. Each season provides something new and we start the 2017 summer with dry conditions, which if they persist will favour both species of partridges. Our cutting regime is changing this year to make for a greater mosaic of heights over the season. We have also created some pleasant rides through the conservation area to mark the route.nnThe barbecue area around an open fire in the woodland is now more open and makes for a lovely evening cook-out in most weather conditions because of its natural shelter. Plastic plates and appropriate camping pots for the fire are available if you ask in advance.


Published by admin at May 01, 2017, 13:55 pm

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