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Double Booking at the Hilltop Barn!

Throughout June and July we have had double bookings at Hilltop Barn. However our fail-safe computer booking system could not avoid the clash.nnNot that our paying customers were upset about the situation. In fact they were delighted!nnThis pair of barn owl chicks successfully fledged in early August to add to the healthy population of owls in Lincolnshire – possibly the best county for birds in the UK.nnEven if the owls had booked they may have struggled to get in since our calendar has been virtually full since the spring thanks to our loyal regulars who love the peace and quiet of this lovely part of the country.nnThe ‘Wave’ poppy exhibition is still on in Lincoln Castle with free entry so if you fancy a short break here we have created more opportunities for couples, by making Hilltop Barn available throughout the autumn at a reduced rate for lower occupancy.nnAs for the owls – you can see them any time of the year and in the winter they frequently fly over our meadows in the late afternoon.


Published by admin at August 11, 2016, 09:23 am

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