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Autumn arrives – a little late but just in time for COP26

After a warm September and October the landscape was still looking more like summer than autumn until the recent cool blast started to turn the leaves. This Norway Maple (pictured) is one of the first to change colour, while the smaller native Field Maple is often at its best later in November. Like me, you may have noticed the changes to our natural world, particularly over the past 30 years. Whatever the outcome from COP 26 it is clear that world politicians will not solve the problem in a conference hall. We all have to change how we live our lives at a much faster rate than they could ever hope to negotiate in Glasgow. Maybe we will have to get used to seeing our colourful leaves at a different time of the year but let’s hope that at least we can continue to see them for generations to come. We have worked hard at Hilltop Farm since the 1980s to make it a colourful destination for your UK break at any time of the year.


Published by charles at November 02, 2021, 13:58 pm

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