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Arrival of Domesday Book celebrated with re-enactment of Battle of Lincoln

The Bank Holiday weekend heralded a major historical landmark in Lincoln. The arrival of the Domesday book in Lincoln Castle last week now means you can see Domesday Book, Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest all together in one room at Lincoln Castle. This opportunity will last until 2nd September and is something not to be missed.nnLincoln Castle played a crucial role in ending the civil war. The Battle of Lincoln Fair in 1217 was re-enacted on Bank Holiday Weekend when Regent William Marshall on behalf of King Henry III relieved the Castle from French siege in 1217, releasing the Lady Constable Nicola de la Haye, who held the Castle against attack. Sir William (played by actor Sebastian Bowen) joined us overnight at Hilltop Farm and gave us the best Plantagenet history lesson we could hope for! However he left his magnificent Haflinger horse in the stables since it preferred hay to lasagna!nnFurther historical events are taking place throughout the summer and have got us all hooked – even if we did not enjoy history at school. Lincoln Castle and the adjacent Lincoln Cathedral rate amongst the must sees of Britain and 2017 is the year to visit.


Published by admin at May 31, 2017, 07:32 am

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